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The Web Browser's Features Detection Tool has many web browser feature tests that may impact your online identity if you decide to enable or disable them in your browser settings.

The fingerprint is an MD5 hash of the results of all tests. You can also get a JSON data for an easy table comparison between browsers.

Features Hash

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Feature Description :Test Result :

HTML5 Features Detection

Feature Description :Test Result :
History API
HTML5 Audio Element
Audio Loop Attribute
HTML5 Audio ogg vorbis
HTML5 Audio mp3
HTML5 Audio wav
HTML5 Audio m4a/aac
HTML5 Audio opus
Web Audio API
Speech Recognition API
Speech Synthesis API
HTML5 Video
HTML5 Video ogg
HTML5 Video webm
HTML5 Video h264
HTML5 Video vp9
HTML5 Video hls
HTML5 Video crossOrigin
HTML5 Video Loop Attribute
HTML5 Video Preload Attribute
Input Attribute autocomplete
Input Attribute autofocus
Input Attribute list
Input Attribute max
Input Attribute min
Input Attribute multiple
Input Attribute pattern
Input Attribute placeholder
Input Attribute required
Input Attribute step
input[form] Attribute
input[capture] Attribute
input[file] Attribute
input[directory] Attribute
input formaction
input formenctype
input formmethod
input formnovalidate
input formtarget
input[search] search event
Form Validation
Form Input Color (type=color)
Form Input Date (type=date)
Form Input Date and Time (type=datetime)
Form Input Local Date and Time (type=datetime-local)
Form Input Time (type=time)
Form Input Week (type=week)
Form Input Month (type=month)
Form Input Number (type=number)
Form Input Range (type=range)
Form Input Search (type=search)
Form Input E-mail (type=email)
Form Input Telephone (type=tel)
Form Input URL (type=url)
postMessage Structured Clones
Web Workers
Worker Type Options
Shared Web Workers
DOM Element.classList
dataset API
Document Fragment
[hidden] Attribute
Intersection Observer API
Microdata DOM API
DOM4 MutationObserver
Passive event listeners
Shadow DOM API
Shadow DOM API (Legacy)
bdi Element
details Element
output Element
picture Element
progress Element
meter Element
ruby, rp, rt Elements
template Element
time Element
track Element
Text track API
Unknown Elements
textarea maxlength
HTML Imports
Web Animations API
Vibration API

CSS Features Detection

Feature Description :Test Result :
CSS all property
CSS Animations
CSS Appearance
CSS Backdrop Filter
CSS Background Blend Mode
CSS Background Clip Text
CSS background-position Shorthand
CSS background-position-x/y
CSS background-repeat: round
CSS background-repeat: space
CSS background-size
CSS background-size: cover
CSS border-image
CSS border-radius
CSS box-decoration-break
CSS box-shadow
CSS box-sizing
CSS calc
CSS :checked pseudo-selector
CSS Font ch Units
CSS Columns
CSS column-width
CSS column-span
CSS column-fill
CSS column-gap
CSS column-rule
CSS column-rule-color
CSS column-rule-style
CSS column-rule-width
CSS Grid (new)
CSS Grid (legacy)
CSS vw unit
CSS aspect-ratio
CSS Cubic Bezier Range
CSS Variables (Custom Properties)
CSS display: run-in
CSS display: table
CSS text-overflow ellipsis
CSS Font ex Units
CSS Filters
CSS @font-face
Flexbox (legacy)
Flexbox (tweener)
Flex Gap
Flex Line Wrapping
CSS :focus-within pseudo-selector
CSS :focus-within pseudo-selector
CSS font-display
CSS Generated Content (:before/:after)
CSS Gradients
CSS :invalid pseudo-class
CSS :last-child pseudo-selector
CSS Mask
CSS Media Queries
CSS Hover Media Query
CSS Pointer Media Query
CSS Multiple Backgrounds
CSS :nth-child pseudo-selector
CSS Object Fit
CSS opacity
CSS Overflow Scrolling
CSS Pointer Events
CSS position: sticky
CSS Reflections
CSS Regions
CSS Font rem Units
CSS resize
CSS Styleable Scrollbars
CSS Scroll Snap Points
CSS Shapes
CSS general sibling selector
CSS Subpixel Fonts
CSS @supports
CSS :target pseudo-class
CSS text-align-last
CSS text-decoration
CSS text-decoration-line
CSS text-decoration-style
CSS text-decoration-color
CSS text-decoration-skip
CSS text-decoration-skip-ink
CSS text-shadow
CSS Transforms
CSS Transforms 3D
CSS Transforms Level 2
CSS Transform Style preserve-3d
CSS Transitions
CSS user-select
CSS :valid pseudo-class
CSS font-variation-settings
CSS vh unit
CSS vmax unit
CSS vmin unit
CSS will-change
CSS Exclusions wrap-flow
CSS HiDPI/Retina Hairlines
CSS Generated Content Animations
CSS Generated Content Transitions

Graphics Features Detection

Feature Description :Test Result :
Canvas Text
Canvas.toDataURL image/jpeg
Canvas.toDataURL image/png
Canvas.toDataURL image/webp
Canvas Blending Support
Canvas Winding Support
Inline SVG
SVG as an IMG tag source
SVG CSS clip-path
SVG SMIL animation
SVG foreignObject
SVG Filters
Image crossOrigin
Lazy loading via attribute for images & iframes
IMG srcset attribute

Storage Features Detection

Feature Description :Test Result :
Web Storage API localStorage
Quota Storage Management API
Web Storage API sessionStorage
IE User Data API
Web SQL Database
Application Cache

ECMAScript Features Detection

Feature Description :Test Result :
ES5 Syntax
ES5 Immutable Undefined
ES5 Strict Mode
ES5 Array
ES5 Date
ES5 Function
ES5 Object
ES5 String
ES6 Array
ES6 Arrow Functions
ES6 Collections
ES6 Generators
ES6 Math
ES6 Numbers
ES6 Object
ES6 Promises
ES6 Rest parameters
ES6 Spread array
ES6 Template Strings
ES6 String
Typed Arrays
ES7 Array
ES7 Rest destructuring: Rest in arrays
ES7 Rest destructuring: Rest in objects
ES7 Spread object
ES8 Object

Network Features Detection

Feature Description :Test Result :
WebSockets Binary
WebRTC Data Channel
WebRTC getUserMedia
WebRTC MediaStream Recording API
WebRTC Peer Connections
XHR responseType arraybuffer
XHR responseType blob
XHR responseType document
XHR responseType json
XHR responseType text
XHR responseType
XHR2 XMLHTTPRequest Level 2
Connection Effective Type
Low Bandwidth Connection
Server Sent Events
Fetch API
Beacon API
ServiceWorker API
XDomainRequest API


Feature Description :Test Result :
Geolocation API
a[download] Attribute
a[ping] Attribute
area[ping] Attribute
Battery API
Low Battery Level
Blob Constructor
Content Editable
Context menus
Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
Custom Protocol Handler
Force Touch Events
hashchange Event
Device Motion Event
Device Orientation Event
onInput Event
DOM Pointer Events API
File API
Filesystem API
Fullscreen API
GamePad API
IE8 compat mode
iframe[sandbox] Attribute
iframe[seamless] Attribute
iframe[srcdoc] Attribute
Native JSON Parsing
Reverse Ordered Lists
Notifications API
Navigation Timing API
Pointer Lock API
script async
script defer
DOM style[scoped]
Unicode Range
Blob URLs
URL parser
Web Intents
Framed Window
Ambient Light Events
Base 64 encoding/decoding
Web Cryptography API
Web Cryptography API getRandomValues
Internationalization API
Font Ligatures
Page Visibility API
Custom Elements API
Media Source Extensions API
Channel Messaging API
Proxy Object
Web Authentication PublicKeyCredential
Link rel=prefetch

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