HTML5 Geolocation API

The Geolocation API is a part of the W3C HTML5 standard which provides a simple high-level JavaScript API that allows websites to request physical location, thereby potentially compromising the user's privacy. This page is to ensure that no location information is made available through this API without your express permission.

Geolocation API

Your browser supports Geolocation API
× Your browser does not supports Geolocation API

Permissions API

Origin Permissions
"granted" — you allow to request your location.
? "prompt" — you ask when tries to request your location.
× "denied" — you don't allow to request your location.
Global Permissions
"granted" — you allow all third-party websites to request your location.
? "prompt" — you ask when third-party websites try to request your location.
× "denied" — you don't allow third-party websites to request your location.

Geolocation Data

Reverse Geocoding
Altitude Accuracy
Cache Age
JavaScript Disabled — Geolocation API is a part of HTML5 and is accessible via JavaScript
Map Geocoding was Blocked by Privacy Settings.

The HTML5 Geolocation API is designed to allow websites to make «one-shot» location requests (commonly used to locate the user on a map or show nearby points-of-interest), or repeated position updates to keep track of the user's steps (which may be used to give directions as the user moves through a city, for example), as well as the ability to explicitly query the cached positions.

The API itself is agnostic to how the browser or device determines the current location: phone or other mobile devices might use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver, while a laptop's location might be triangulated from nearby Wi-Fi networks or inferred from its IP address. Common sources of location information include Global Positioning System (GPS) and location inferred from network signals such as IP address, RFID, WiFi and Bluetooth MAC addresses, and GSM/CDMA cell IDs, as well as user input. No guarantee is given that the API returns the device's actual location.

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