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WebGL is a JavaScript API used to render 3D graphics within a web browser by utilizing the device's GPU. This makes it possible for websites to gather detailed information about a user's graphics card, which can be used to create a unique browser fingerprint.

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WebGL Support Detection

This browser supports WebGL× False (JavaScript disabled)
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WebGL Fingerprint

WebGL Report Hash
WebGL Image Hash
WebGL Image

WebGL Context Info

Supported Context Name(s)
GL Version
Shading Language Version

Debug Renderer Info

Unmasked Vendor
Unmasked Renderer

Context Attributes

Alpha Buffer
Depth Buffer
Stencil Buffer
Major Performance Caveat
Power Preference
Pre-multiplied Alpha
Preserve Drawing Buffer
XR Compatible
Drawing Buffer Color Space
Unpack Color Space

Vertex Shader

Max Vertex Attributes
Max Vertex Uniform Vectors
Max Vertex Texture Image Units
Max Varying Vectors
Best Float Precision
Max Vertex Uniform Components
Max Vertex Uniform Blocks
Max Vertex Output Components
Max Varying Components

Transform Feedback

Max Interleaved Components
Max Separate Attribs
Max Separate Components


Aliased Line Width Range
Aliased Point Size Range

Fragment Shader

Max Fragment Uniform Vectors
Max Texture Image Units
Float/Int Precision
Best Float Precision
Max Fragment Uniform Components
Max Fragment Uniform Blocks
Max Fragment Input Components
Min Program Texel Offset
Max Program Texel Offset


Max Draw Buffers
Max Color Attachments
Max Samples
Max Color Buffers
Max Render Buffer Size
Max Viewport Dimensions
Red Bits
Green Bits
Blue Bits
Alpha Bits
Depth Bits
Stencil Bits


Max Texture Size
Max Cube Map Texture Size
Max Combined Texture Image Units
Max Anisotropy
Max 3D Texture Size
Max Array Texture Layers
Max Texture LOD Bias

Uniform Buffers

Max Uniform Buffer Bindings
Max Uniform Block Size
Uniform Buffer Offset Alignment
Max Combined Uniform Blocks
Max Combined Vertex Uniform
Max Combined Fragment Uniform

WebGL Extensions

Supported WebGL Extensions

How to Disable WebGL in Your Web Browser

WebGL in Chrome

To disable WebGL in Chrome, start the program with one of this command-line options:

--disable-webgl or --disable-3d-apis

This is valid for all Chromium-based web browsers.

WebGL in Firefox

To disable WebGL in Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Type about:config in the address bar and press Enter.
  2. In the search bar, type webgl.disabled and double-click the preference to set its value to true.

There is also few interesting properties that you can play with:

  • webgl.enable-debug-renderer-info

  • webgl.sanitize-unmasked-renderer

  • webgl.override-unmasked-renderer

  • webgl.override-unmasked-vendor

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