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Statement that some Ad Blockers are trying to block this page

The Adblock Detection tool was created to show people that the use of some filters can be detected, and this can help attackers to identify you.

What I am talking about? Few cases:

  1. The person changed the IP address using VPN, changed the browser and system language. Everything indicates that he is from the UK. But, he has a Japanese filter in ad blocker subscriptions — this may reveal that he has something to do with Japan.

  2. Tor Browser is designed so that one person with a «Tor Browser on Windows» does not differ from another person with a «Tor Browser on Windows» (they stopped the war trying to hide OS as far as I can tell) within the same version of Firefox ESR.

    By default, Tor Browser does not contain an ad blocker, but some people install it to reduce network traffic and block ads. They do not realize that this action will make them different from other TBB users, especially if they change the default set of subscriptions.

  3. Even if you think this threat is too far-fetched, people have a right to know.

    There is no any «Anti-Adblock» on this page. It does not fight with ad blockers to show more ads or something like that. Trying to break this page, you are not doing anything good, but falsely satisfying your users' concerns.

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