Flash Player System Capabilities

JavaScript Disabled — cannot deploy Flash object (it's just for the demo, in fact Flash can work without JavaScript)

Flash Detection

Flash Player Enabled?
Click-To-Play Placeholder?

Flash Plug-In Environment

Player Type
Operating System
Flash Architecture
Screen Resolution
Screen Color
Screen DPI
Pixel Aspect Ratio
Max Level IDC


IP Address via HTTP
IP Address via TCP Socket

Installed Fonts

Total Count

Other Capabilities

Flash Player with Debugger
AV Hardware Disable
Supports 32Bit Processes
Supports 64Bit Processes
Has Accessibility
Has Audio
Has Audio Encoder
Has Embedded Video
Has MP3
Has Printing
Has Screen Broadcast
Has Screen Playback
Has Streaming Audio
Has Streaming Video
Has Video Encoder
Local File Read Disable
Windowless mode
Supports Dolby Digital Audio
Supports Dolby Digital Plus Audio
Supports DTS Audio
Supports DTS Express Audio
Supports DTS-HD Hi Res Audio
Supports DTS-HD Master Audio

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